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Smart Mining

Enhancing mining operation safety and efficiency.
SMS Equipment has your solution.

The tools you need to transform your mining operation into the smartest, safest, and most efficient it can be exist today. At SMS Equipment, we combine a wealth of industry knowledge with an uncanny ability to listen, explore all the possibilities and make those solutions available to you.

Tomorrow's mine is already here. Make it yours!
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Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS)

Autonomous Haulage Truck

As acceptance of autonomous technology continues to grow, SMS Equipment helps customers meet the inevitable challenges with a world-class Autonomous Program Team. Well-versed in AHS implementation, our team works with yours to identify key areas in which smart technology can be tapped - and tailored to meet your needs - to improve efficiency and productivity.

Newer technologies can be intimidating. We can help make the transition a smooth one.

Discover AHS Technology
Telematics for Mining Equipment

Telematics used at Mining Site

Used properly, the value of the data from your mining operation can rival that of the product itself. While smart technology, like KOMTRAX Plus from Komatsu, does an excellent job of gathering data, making the best use of that information maximizes its value to you.

SMS Equipment can provide the ideal solutions and the expertise to effectively "mine" that data. Doing so can help identify - or head off - problematic issues. We can also help set up an infrastructure to ensure that the value of the data is maximized in the right areas of your operation. Put your data to work for you.

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Collision Awareness Management

Collision Awareness System

As today's mining operations become more and more complex, the issue of on site safety looms larger than ever. SMS Equipment understands this and offers guidance in the technology (geofencing, collision avoidance/awareness systems, etc.) to ensure the safest operation possible. We also help customers use the data generated by these systems to improve existing safety programs, benefiting from those changes.

Mining safety is truly no accident.

Discover Collision Awareness Management
Trolley-Assist Technology

Trolley-Assist Technology

One of the most innovative approaches to reducing an operation's greenhouse gas emissions, Trolley-Assist Technology is a Komatsu solution more than three decades in the making. And, recognizing the huge benefit the technology provides in both financial and environmental gains, SMS Equipment has been an integral partner to Komatsu for much of that time. Today, our team can handle everything from assessing the feasibility of Trolley-Assist in your operation to actual deployment of the technology.

Considering the Trolley? We'll take that ride with you.

Trolley-Assist at a Glance
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